Syracuse City Schools, NY – Annual Edulog Training Conference

Syracuse School District, New YorkApril 23, 2013

I just returned from the Annual Edulog Training Conference and felt that I needed to share my positive experience. The sincere efforts of the staff, ability to transition between classes and the professional atmosphere all lent to an extraordinary 4 days. There was a high level of knowledge available, with sales people and technical staff to answer my questions. The ability to network with colleagues from across the country and Canada was priceless.

The teachers I had were fitted to the classes and the classes were just the right size. The teachers took the time to make sure everyone understood what was being taught. As a former teacher and building administrator, I appreciated that they were structured so well. They allowed me to jump into different classes, and really tailor the program to my needs. In my case, I began with beginning routing classes, then jumped in the eSQL classes, then went to the tablet class. It was an order that wouldn’t have made sense for but me, but it was something I could do so that I didn’t have to sit through a class that wasn’t useful.

Between classes the Edulog people were always available to answer questions.

I’m really looking forward to next year

Mary Ellen Killenbec
Director of Transportation

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