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Secure Access to Necessary Transportation Information Anywhere

Edulog’s suite of web-based pupil transportation software makes sure you can safely get the information you want into the hands of the people who need it, whether that's parents, teachers, administrators, or the transportation department. Customizable online portals help reduce phone calls and questions from parents, give district staff access to necessary routing information, and let you run and analyze reports anywhere.

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“Which school would my child go to?” That question used to require staff to be on the phone and in front of a computer to answer. With Edulog's WebQuery service, you can direct parents, real estate agents, and other concerned parties to your WebQuery website and avoid resource-consuming phone calls. Since WebQuery is integrated with Edulog's Routing and Planning system you can be sure that the information is accurate and up-to-date. And no student information is ever revealed, so security is never an issue.

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WebSchool Assistant

Parents have questions and you have limited resources. What if you could save time by instantly answering any student transportation question? When you use Edulog's WebSchool Assistant, you can reduce the amount of time staff spends on the phone, minimize paperwork, and securely share vital pupil transportation information with school staff and district administrators. WebSchool Assistant is a web portal that provides you with accurate information instantly in a familiar browser format. Our secure web-based platform provides easy access to information anywhere.

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    You control who has access to what information and how they can edit it. Set up portals that let parents see their child’s stop or an interface to let district employees enter student information.

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    You always know that the information you’re providing is up-to-date because it comes straight from your pupil transportation system.

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    See your routing data and create custom reports anywhere. Edulog's web products let you access information on-the-go.

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    Edulog's web solutions let your transportation staff spend less time fielding transportation questions and more time finding transportation solutions.

What if you could give parents, teachers, administrators, and yourself secure access to necessary transportation information anywhere?

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"Being adjacent to the Ft. Bragg military base, we have a high number of families moving in and out. Realtors would direct all questions by families to the transportation department. We received numerous calls each week asking what school their children would attend. Once we implemented Web Query, all families had access to identify their assigned schools. The calls immediately stopped allowing transportation staff to focus on their duties. It also allowed schools to verify addresses of students who submit an enrollment request to the school. We have found this tool very user-friendly by the public and school staff."

  • John Birath

    Executive Officer for Operations, Moore County Schools, NC

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