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With the ever-changing landscape of student transportation, school districts are often forced to be creative or do more with less. Let Edulog help you find safe, efficient, and effective solutions to meet the unique needs of your operation. Whether you are building a new environment with a hybrid schedule or trying to reduce transportation costs, Edulog's Advisory Services can guide your district.

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Our team has extensive experience in student transportation and is staffed with former district transportation directors and data analysts. We can assist with Transportation Optimization, Bell-Time Optimization, District Policy and Contract Analysis, Demographics and Redistricting, Operational Assessments, organizational change management, understanding your organization, and implementing new technology. Then, when the analysis is complete, our team can provide remote assistance to ensure your solutions are a success. 

  • Understand your organization and data

  • Evaluate your options

  • Visualize your efficiency

  • Make data-driven decisions

Representative Projects Include

  • Minneapolis Public Schools Board Considers Multiple Redistricting Options

    MPS partnered with Edulog to provide key data to help them test various education service delivery models. Early in the process, the district launched a study to determine whether a community school model would have a positive impact on integration and reduce concentrations of poverty, compared to its historical models. Edulog’s demographic analysis showed that a community school model was at least comparable to more complex alternatives. MPS engaged Edulog to assist with the next phase involving the placement of 11 magnet programs. Throughout this phase, Edulog provided estimates of transportation requirements to help the board understand the true cost, or savings, of various approaches.

  • Brunswick Board Assesses Transportation Impact of Boundary Changes

    Recently, Brunswick County (NC) Schools was in the process of redrawing school attendance boundaries due to growth and opening a new middle school. Edulog’s Advisory Services group ran four optimization models, one corresponding to each redistricting scenario, providing the Board with transportation cost impact data to factor into the decision. After choosing a plan, the district worked again with Edulog to develop new efficiency-based bus routes that would implement the Board’s directive. Edulog considered not only the new boundaries, but also identified several options depending on the final bell schedule of the schools impacted. Following the study and decisions by the Board, Edulog consultants were able to load the resulting runs and routes into the district’s Edulog system.

  • Pender Board Considers Changes in Transportation Policy

    Pender County (NC) Schools recently contracted with Edulog’s Advisory Services group to provide data regarding the restructuring of its school bus routes. The district’s transportation plan had been developed around the premise that elementary school and middle school students would ride together to co-located campuses. Even the location of some schools was determined based on the premise that elementary and middle school students would be transported together on the same buses. When Pender’s board of education was considering separating transportation between elementary and middle schools, it engaged Edulog to provide operational and fiscal analysis to help in the decision-making process. As a result of Edulog’s study, the Board was able to review the proposal and make policy decisions considering impacts on students and its budget.

  • Loudoun County (VA) Seeks Transportation Cost Savings

    Driver shortages and budget constraints led the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) to seek out savings. The LCPS asked Edulog to perform an optimization study to identify route reductions and cost savings for regular education pupil transportation. Edulog identified multiple options, distinguished primarily by the extent to which current bell times would change. Edulog provided three possible options, reducing between 18 and 42 buses. These results add up to just over $500,000 in savings. on the low end. Using Edulog’s analysis, the Board was able to balance cost and resource impact data with the relative effect on the community resulting from changes in school bell times.

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    Proven Expertise

    You can rest easy in our analysis. Edulog has 40+ years of experience working with districts and transportation providers in 49 US states and 4 Canadian Provinces.

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    Data-Backed Solutions

    Your transportation system has plenty of variables. Edulog Advisory Services has the team and the software tools to make sure that you find savings based on real data.

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    Custom Projects

    Your school district has unique requirements and policies. Edulog makes sure your transportation department meets them by finding the right answers for you.

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    More Than Routing

    Get help finding out how changing bell-times, school boundaries, walk distances, and even policies will affect your transportation.

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    Fully Committed

    Our work doesn’t stop when the analysis is over. Our advisors can act as advocates for you when making major changes that require district approval.

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Edulog helps local school boards be agile, do more with less, and make data-driven transportation decisions.

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Transportation Optimization

What if finding the best route was the best way to keep money in the classroom? When you use Edulog's Transportation Optimization Advisory Services, you get an expert, third-party perspective to analyze your routing and scheduling data and help find small changes that can help put money back into the classroom. Edulog looks at your complete routing picture to provide data-backed solutions that work.

COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Support

Advisory Services has been working with districts (whether or not they have Edulog software) to manage significant change projects already in-flight prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the types of scenarios contemplated in these projects – substantial district re-designs, bell-time changes, re-tierings, etc. – used to be once-a-decade types of projects, in the post-COVID-19 world, many more districts are likely to have to consider adopting this type of large-scale fundamental change.

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District Policy and Contract Analysis

What if a half-mile walk was the biggest obstacle to keeping a classroom? Predicting the effects of changes to your school district’s transportation policy can feel frustrating, whether it’s changing the distance a student has to walk to school or creating a shuttle system. Edulog Advisory Services can help you find the right data and make sense of it to better predict and prepare for changes to your transportation policy.

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Bell-Time Optimization

What if it took less than an hour to help save critical school programs? When you use Edulog Advisory Services to help you evaluate and implement a tiered bell-time solution, you can find transportation savings that can be put back to work in the classroom. Let Edulog help you find out if separating bell times to allow for more transportation flexibility makes sense for your district.

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Operational Assessment

Edulog Advisory Services will evaluate the working effectiveness of your operation to identify any gaps, areas of risk, or opportunities for increased efficiency. A thorough review of your data will help to define key strategy and maximize the results that matter most to your operation. An independent set of eyes on your operation will help to define key metrics and maximize your results.

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Demographic and Redistricting Consulting

When you use Edulog Advisory Services, we provide you with expertise and data-driven guidance for some of your toughest decisions, such as adjusting school attendance boundaries, school closures, and other politically sensitive decisions. Our experts are there to support you and help you keep track of all the variables when you’re making district-changing decisions.

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“This was an emotional issue for our community. Edulog’s analysis enabled the Board to see the financial impact of each scenario they were considering.”

  • Brandon Smith

    Transportation Director, Pender County Schools, NC

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