eSQL Routing

Powerful Routing Efficiency

Pupil transportation departments need powerful planning software. Edulog's SQL software brings our market-leading optimization capabilities to your fingertips.

Planning Is the First Step Towards Savings

Solutions that make planning efficient routes simple.

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    Incredibly Powerful

    Our proprietary, market-leading algorithm makes sure your transportation operations are as efficient as possible.

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    Stunningly Simple

    Complete your most common routing tasks from one screen.

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    Considerable Savings

    Efficient routing helps keep savings in your district's classrooms.

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    We've Listened

    This revamp incorporates feedback directly from users.

What if your school district's routing software required less work, not more?

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Pictured: Kevin Hart at the Institute for Transportation Research and Education at North Carolina State University

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  • The School Transportation Revolution Has Arrived

    Introducing Athena, a cloud-based routing management solution designed for ease of use and access. Athena offers everything that you need for safe, efficient, economical student transportation management, without the need to open separate applications or use non-integrated software from two or more vendors.

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