A Complete Suite of Pupil Transportation Software and Services

When it comes to finding pupil transportation software, you need one solution that emphasizes accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Edulog offers the best school bus routing software solutions, school bus GPS tracking systems, parent mobile applications, student ridership, driver management solutions, and more.

Edulog Solutions
  • Athena Routing

    Athena Routing

    Get Routing and Planning software that works for you with Edulog's Athena. The first and still the best, Edulog software has an intuitive interface and automated tools you need to make day-to-day routing tasks simple.

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  • Icon: GPS AVL Telematics

    GPS Tracking

    Get real-time data that makes your Routing and Planning more efficient than ever. Edulog's integrated school bus GPS tracking systems and student ridership solutions improve safety by keeping you informed and aware.

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  • Icon: Parent Portal

    Parent Portal

    With Edulog's Parent Portal, parents have access to personalized transportation information about their child. Because it links up with your GPS system, parents can see what bus their child needs to catch, where it is, and what time they will be picked up.

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  • Icon: Details

    Ride Registration

    A seat on the bus is an important asset not to be squandered in general, but especially in times of reduced capacity. Transportation needs to know who plans to ride the bus. Edulog can help you secure the actual ridership numbers needed to plan effective routes according to the latest allowable capacities.

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  • Icon: Tablets and MDTs

    Tablets and MDTs

    Edulog’s onboard technology solutions are a powerful student transportation management tool that allow school districts to access critical information about students, drivers, and school buses in real-time, make data-driven decisions, and maintain open communications at all times. 

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  • Icon: Student Ridership

    Student Ridership

    When you use Edulog's Student Ridership, you get secure, real-time data when students ride the bus. Not only can you give parents peace of mind that their children are getting to and from school safely, but you can also increase efficiency by seeing which students are actually riding the bus and what stops are being used daily.

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  • Icon: Cloud Data Distribution

    Web Solutions

    Manage and distribute your student information securely from anywhere. Improve communication in your school district by giving parents, administrators, and staff access to only the student transportation information they need.

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  • Icon: Advisory Services

    Advisory Services

    Find savings in unexpected places. Edulog has over 40 years of working with school districts to find savings in pupil transportation. Let our expertise help your district find data-backed solutions that work to improve safety and efficiency.

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  • Icon: Edulog University

    EdulogU and Support

    We’re committed to providing quality training and support to your team. Using interactive graphics, video, and audio, Edulog University is a revolutionary new development in transportation management system instruction and assessment.

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