Student Ridership

Better Communication and Transparency

Student Ridership works with your planned data to offer you real insights into your busing. You’ll know when students miss stops, get off at the wrong stops, or even board the wrong buses. Integrate with Parent Portal to provide parents this info through the app.

Know Where and When

Get secure, real-time data when students ride the bus. Not only can you give parents peace of mind that their children are getting to and from school safely, but you can also increase efficiency by seeing which students are actually riding the bus and what stops are being used daily.

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    Build Confidence

    Know if your students are boarding the correct school bus at the correct stop

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    Improve Operations

    Instantly spot differences between your transportation planning and reality

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    Increase Efficiency

    Know which stops are being used daily and quickly identify which students are riding on specific days

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  • Increased Visibility for Parents When Integrated With Parent Portal

    Keep parents informed about their child's status with Student Ridership that integrates with Edulog's mobile app.

Helping You Make Sense of It All

Integrate your Student Ridership software with scanning technology that sends student IDs from the bus back to your dispatch. You will always know when and where a student boarded or exited the bus.

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    Know the Important Details

    Use real data to spot ridership trends and make more accurate planning decisions about the capacity of the vehicles you need or whether stops can be consolidated.

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    Contact Tracing

    Know exactly which students are riding, when and where they board/disembark, and which other students were on the bus during their ride.

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    Special Needs

    Special needs transportation requires extra attention to ensure students are getting the services they need. Use detailed analytics and reporting to help simplify Medicaid reimbursement.

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    Tablets and MDTs

    Edulog's onboard technology solutions are powerful driver support tools that allow access to critical information about students, drivers, and buses in real-time.

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