Tablets and MDTs

A Complete Onboard Technology Solution

With these powerful student transportation management tools, school districts and drivers have instant access to critical information.

Connect Your Operations

Easy-to-use tablet systems for navigation, driver time and attendance, and student ridership are keeping students safer and making transportation smarter.

  • Icon: Navigation

    Powerful Navigation

    Turn-by-turn directions and seamless integration with your Edulog Routing and Planning system

  • Icon: Virtual Employees

    Actual Ridership

    Make decisions that are backed up by hard data

  • Icon: Dispatch

    Driver Support

    Maintain open communications between dispatch and your drivers

Ensure Your Operational Efficiency and Safety

Driver Portal Tablets and MDTs

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  • Create a Sturdy Foundation for Your Operation With Our Routing and Planning Software

    Find out why our Routing and Planning software has been delighting school districts for over 40 years. Edulog software makes your daily tasks easier and faster than ever. Let our automated tools and intuitive interface make finding efficiency in day-to-day routing simple.

Tablet & Mobile Data Terminal Solutions

  • Icon: Student Ridership

    Student Ridership

    Student boarding has now become easier, more accessible than ever. Tablets allow drivers to know who each student is, where they're going, and if they're on the correct bus. 

  • Icon: Driver Time and Attendance

    Time and Attendance

    Drivers no longer need to stop by the transportation office to punch a time clock. They can start their days by clocking in using the tablet on the bus, saving time and money and increasing efficiency.

  • Icon: Messaging


    Communication has never been more important, which is why our tablets and mobile data terminals streamline your process. Deliver important messages directly to tablets on the bus. 

  • Icon: Cloud Data Distribution

    No More Paper

    Electronic passenger lists and directions give drivers the accuracy and completeness of transportation data they need. Efficient, accurate, and environmentally friendly data is the future of transportation.

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