About Edulog

Edulog (Education Logistics, Inc.) is the original school bus routing software company and has been providing routing and planning software solutions to districts across North America since 1977. We have worked hard to make sure that our software and hardware solutions stay on the cutting edge by adding school bus GPS tracking, student ridership, and parent communication solutions that help school districts like yours improve safety and keep money in the classrooms while transporting students efficiently.

Innovative Technology

Edulog created the first routing and planning software for school districts over 40 years ago. Since then, we’ve stayed ahead of the curve with GPS and student ridership solutions that help districts do even more.

Demonstrated Savings

School districts across North America have reported millions in savings thanks to Edulog's Routing and Planning, Advisory Services, and GPS tracking platforms. For most school districts, our software and services pay for themselves within as little as two years.

Proven Success

Being first is never easy, but staying first is even harder. Edulog has done it by continually providing the best service to our clients, constantly updating our software based on client feedback, and always remembering that our goal is to help schools safely transport students.

Meet the Leaders of Edulog

  • Pictured: Hien Nguyen, CEO

    Dr. Hien Nguyen, CEO & Founder

    Dr. Hien Nguyen created the first software for route planning and management. Dr. Nguyen has a PhD in mathematics from MIT and an MBA from the Sloan School of Management.

  • Pictured: Jason Corbally, President

    Jason Corbally, President

    Jason attended the University of Montana, is one of Missoula’s top “20 under 40” business professionals, serves as a committee chair on Gov. Steve Bullock’s Main Street Montana Project, and is on the MT High Tech Business Alliance Advisory Board.

  • Pictured: Sam Bull, COO

    Sam Bull, COO

    Sam is in charge of the successful deployment of Edulog’s client solutions. Prior to joining Edulog, Sam worked as an intellectual property attorney based in Seattle. Sam earned an A.B. from Harvard and a J.D. from Columbia.

  • Pictured: Lam Nguyen-Bull, Advisory Services

    Lam Nguyen-Bull, Advisory Services

    Lam leads Edulog’s Advisory Services team. Prior to joining Edulog, she worked as a business strategy consultant to mobile communications companies in the US and Europe, was a private practice litigator, and served as in-house legal counsel for transportation and logistics companies.

  • Pictured: Srinivas Mondava, Executive Director

    Srinivas Mondava, Executive Director

    Srinivas Mondava has worked with 911 emergency-related software for 25+ years. For Edulog, he is part of executive management and involved in Quality Control, Product Release Management, and Process Development for Software and Hardware Deployment.

Why Choose Us?

  • For School Districts of Any Size

    Our clients range from small districts with as few as 57 students to large districts with as many as 1.8 million students

  • Proven Success

    Every day, over 6 million students are transported on over 85,000 buses routed by Edulog software!

  • Clients Around the Globe

    Experienced with large-scale implementation in places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Toronto, France, and Saudi Arabia

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