Edulog Hires 20 New Employees in April

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Education Logistics, Inc., one of Missoula, MT’s largest employers, adds 20 new staff members in April
MISSOULA, MONT – As the national and state unemployment rates continue to decline, one Missoula company is doing its part to help continue that trend. In April, Education Logistics Inc., a Missoula, Montana based software company, announced that it has added 20 new employees to its staff. Edulog specializes in logistics and GPS for school districts.

Edulog is currently one of the largest employers in Missoula and has more than 1,000 clients in North America, with a growing presence globally.

“This is a really great time for Edulog,” said Jason Corbally, Edulog’s president. “We’re excited that the demand for our products and services has grown enough that we can expand our staff like this.”

The new staff members are being added in a variety of positions throughout the company, including support, project management, and technical areas like software development.

Corbally says that some of the growth is due to school districts across the country facing budget deficits. They are seeing what Edulog can do for them as a more valuable service, according to Corbally.

“Our mission statement is to provide products and services that exceed our client’s expectations, and to stand behind our products with unsurpassed customer support,” said Corbally. “That dedication is giving them confidence that we’re committed to helping school districts find transportation efficiencies that help save money in operations and move it to the classroom.”

Some of Edulog’s growth can also be credited to the company developing and offering more products and services, including fully integrated GPS and student tracking solutions, on top of their existing routing software and consulting services, according to Corbally.

“We’re always innovating,” said Corbally. “Hiring new staff is going to help us continue to do that.”

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