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Penn Manor School DistrictNovember 15, 2012

Good Afternoon Nancy,

This past summer has been a busy one for our school district and Edulog since we have recently upgraded to the School Assist and the EPTS Live. We originally mapped out a calendar with Edulog and our tech staff to get the system loaded onto our server by the 1st week of July. I then had meetings set up to start my training and while I am very new to the Edulog system the support staff answered my questions and helped me through the training.

Our principals/secretaries have access to the School Assist program and I cannot tell you how much they love it as well as I do. This has helped us out when I am not in the office they can look at the buses arriving at their school and handle any busing issues that may arise. I speak about School Assist when I am at my trainings with other districts as well and tell them not only has it lowered the phone call volume but it has allowed the principals to be more proactive on the busing issues.

With a recent follow up call with Joe from Edulog I spoke with him regarding the formatting of the School Assist and how it appears and what information we needed to have visible to the staff and they were eager to fix the format and we are grateful for that. My experience through this whole process has been very positive and I always get follow up calls asking if I am doing well in my program.

Your staff at Edulog has been extremely helpful and patient with me as I was learning the new updated system and I cannot thank them enough for doing that.

Carolyn Finegan
Transportation Coordinator

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