Edulog and Alpha Communications Team Up to Help Schools, Build Businesses

GPS Partnership saves tax payers money on school transportation while creating new jobs nationwide.

Press Release
July 9, 2013

Modern School Bus GPS software and hardware systems are creating more efficient bus routes, which are saving US school districts money that allows them to preserve critical education jobs. And, as the need for more efficient transportation increases due to tightening school budgets across the country, the demand for this specialized software and hardware is growing. This has created a hiring boom for the companies that create and install GPS software and hardware, like Education Logistics (Edulog) and Alpha Communications.

Edulog, the largest school bus routing software company in North America, has been steadily adding employees to their business since April this year. However, Alpha Communications, a small installation company out of Atlanta Georgia, is increasing the size of their hardware installation team by 38% this summer, growing from eight installers to 13 installers to help meet the increased demand from schools, according to Vice President of Sales and Service Todd Benton.

Edulog and Alpha have been partners for almost seven years, after Benton met several representatives from Edulog during a tradeshow, said Benton.

“Their expertise is in routing and service, and ours is in installing equipment on school buses,” said Benton. “It was just the perfect marriage.”

Benton estimates that his group will be installing GPS units on 2,500 to 3,000 school buses in June and July, due to their partnership with Edulog. The new hires come on at a critical time as adoption of this new technology increases during the summer when school districts aren’t in full session.

While two of his new employees are college students who will only be working for the summer, according to Benton, the other three will be kept on throughout the year to meet the needs of school districts just getting started with their new technology.

“You have to care about what you’re doing, which is why we hire full-time employees,” said Benton. “We’re always open to districts contacting us later.”

For schools, bus GPS systems do more than just help them find their buses, according to Edulog’s President, Jason Corbally. When combined with routing software, these real-time tracking systems can help schools find more efficient routes which reduce mileage and can help schools retire older buses by decreasing the number of routes necessary.

Edulog, who announced in April that they had added 20 new employees, has also been hiring to help with increased demand for their services. Both companies are optimistic about the future of working with schools.

“We’re pleased that we are not only helping school districts put money back into classrooms, but that we’re also seeing our businesses grow because of it,” said Corbally. “It’s great to see the positive effects our industry has on people’s lives in so many ways.”

About Alpha Communications, Inc.
Alpha Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of school bus installations and service in Georgia and the United States. The company, founded in 1989, has serviced and installed equipment in over 30,000 school buses nationwide. Alpha has serviced over 120 counties in the state of George, as well as 30 additional states. Alpha technicians have expertise working with all makes and models of school buses, transit vehicles, police vehicles, and more. Alpha provides top-notch service for all their customer needs, with 90 percent of our installers and technicians boasting 15 years of experience working on aftermarket solutions like GPS systems, camera systems, stop-arm camera systems, PA systems, two-way and AM/FM radios, child reminders, and more.