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This newsletter is a way for us to share exciting and useful information with our user community. It includes info about Edulog software and services, team highlights, and tips and tricks about best practices or creative ways to leverage your Edulog software.

The Edulogger, Quarter 1, 2024

The theme for this issue is Planning for Success. Edulog is helping you prepare for the rest of 2024 with tips and tricks to benefit your district. Click in to discover our articles, including, "Redefining Success in School Transportation," "Empowering Feedback: Your Voice Shapes our Success," and don't miss out on Shawna's Quarterly Ask Me Anything!

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The Edulogger, Quarter 4, 2023

The theme for this issue is Back to Basics. We're bringing you A Resolution for Professional and Personal Fulfillment in the New Year, a District Spotlight on how we support Client Success, a few exciting staff updates, and more! 

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The Edulogger, Quarter 3, 2023

The theme for this issue is Planning for Change. Learn about our upcoming 2024 Edulog Conference, Athena Webinars, and more! Explore A Visit to Winchester VA, Summer Fun, Edulog's World Champion. Check out this issue by downloading below:

The Edulogger, Quarter 2, 2023

The theme for this issue is, 'The Quite Before the Storm, getting you prepared for school startup, using tools to help you succeed in the new school year, what is working and take pride in those achievements, and welcoming change in the new year.'



The Edulogger, Quarter 1, 2023

In this issue, Get Ahead and Be Prepared! Edulog dives into 2023-2024 school startup planning. Let us help you prepare for the road ahead.

Read up on Cybersecurity, Tips for School Startup, Account Management, Math Jokes with Cory Emlen, Ode to the Ski Bus, and many more.

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The Edulogger, Quarter 4, 2022

In this issue, we wish you a Happy Holiday! Featuring articles, "Lessons Learned in the City of Jazz," "Surrender to the Magic of the Season," and "School Bus Drivers - Unsung Hometown Heroes."

Read on for a Support Portal Update, Shawna's Ask Me Anything, Employee Spotlight, a welcome to a few New Hires, and a look at Arika's newest quilt.

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The Edulogger, Quarter 3, 2022

In this issue, we explore the strength of your operation's "house." Is your "house" made of straw or made of bricks? What was a sturdy house of brick one year could, three years later, turn out to have a straw staircase. How can you improve these weak points? 

This issue includes Shawna's Ask My Anything, an NC Conference Report, Hardware Compatibility with Edulog, Fall 2022 School Start-Up Problems, Planning for Change, Employee Summer Fun Roundup, and many more! Don't forget to check out the end of the issue for a word search.

The Edulogger, Quarter 2, 2022

In this issue, we explore your "Toolbox." You may want to make dramatic changes for school start, including new hardware, but a simpler solution is right in front of you: you already have the tools you need to get you through a critical time of the year!

This issue includes a case study from the Advisory Services group, AM/PM Tool box from Shawna, What Do Hay and Barns Have to Do with School Start by Lam, Cheers for Peers, and many more!

The Edulogger, Quarter 1, 2022

In this issue, Back to Basics of project management with Lam, an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Shawna, Get Ahead and Be Prepared with tips from Arika, Tips for School Startup from Pat, Spencer’s outlook on the spring planning cycle, Edulog Employee Spotlight and Cheers for Peers, and an Edulog-themed word search.

The Edulogger, Quarter 4, 2021

In the fourth issue of The Edulogger, we celebrate our 4th quarter Cheers for Peers winners, announce our new year-long Virtual Workshop training and development program, and share how one school district leveraged ESSER Funds to improve school bus service and communication with parents. This quarter’s crossword is our hardest yet so don't be afraid to ask your coworkers for help.

The Edulogger, Quarter 3, 2021

In the third issue of The Edulogger, we celebrate our 2nd and 3rd quarter Cheers for Peers winners, discuss the importance of transportation resource planning, and share helpful ways to tap into Edulog's training programs. This quarter’s crossword is all about the many components that make up the Edulog system.

The Edulogger, Quarter 2, 2021

In the second issue of The Edulogger, we introduce our Client Engagement and Project Management teams, discuss driver shortages post-Covid, and share helpful tips for forward planning. This quarter’s crossword is all about onboard technology, tablets, and Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs).

The Edulogger, Quarter 1, 2021

In the very first issue of The Edulogger, you will find tips for school startup, information about the new Data Overview Report from Edulog Advisory Services, a recap of our first-ever virtual conference, and an introduction to our latest service, Ride Registration. We also included an Edulog-themed crossword puzzle to test your school bus industry knowledge.

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