Southampton County Public Schools, VA – Advisory Services, Routing

May 12, 2021

“In 2019, Southampton County Public Schools charged Edulog with conducting an optimization study of our transportation fleet and division pupil transportation services. Even though the Pandemic took away time for Edulog to evaluate our division’s practices and makeup, Mr. Jenko stayed on the project into the fall of 2020. The study, once completed, was very honest and frank. There were no smokescreens that we, or anyone, had to look through to get the practical information from the study. Additionally, within the study were recommendations on how to best optimize our transportation fleet in the future. These recommendations took into account a variety of strategies, including the utilization of Edulog software and hardware, along with adjustments to our bell times. Mr. Jenko provided a presentation to our local school board and was able to communicate the findings of the study in a vernacular that we were all able to understand. We have been slowly implementing both strategies, and have seen an improvement of on-time arrivals at all of our schools.”

 – Will Melbye, Coordinator of Auxiliary Services & Transportation

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