Don’t Just Take Our Word for It: 26th Annual Edulog Training Conference

“Wichita loved the remote conference!  We saved on travel costs and more members of the team could participate without leaving the office short-staffed. The trainers were really knowledgeable! The online platform was very easy to navigate.”

– Lisa Riveros, Transportation Director, Wichita Public Schools, Kansas

“I first started working in Edulog in February 2020. Throughout this year, I felt like I was grasping it and thought I have explored a good majority of what Edulog could do. My first class at the conference opened my eyes so much and from that day forward I was excited to go to class. The many things I could change or know how to do were amazing. With this conference, I have so many items that I want to put into place for Toledo Public Schools to further improve our Transportation Department. Thank you for this opportunity”

– Jennifer Montez, Routing & GPS Coordinator, Toledo Public Schools, Ohio

“This year’s virtual conference was a wonderful experience. The virtual platform made it more accessible to districts that usually wouldn’t be able to join. The classes were quite comprehensive and covered a wide selection of topics. Having the classes spread out across 4 weeks made it easier to schedule around and make time for. As always my favorite part was all the amazing staff from Edulog, so much experience and talent they make it hard not to walk away from the conference better than when you started.”

– Avery Sponsler, Route Coordinator, Agua Fria Union High School District, Arizona

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