Parent Portal

Reduce Your Staff’s Workload and Empower Parents

“Where is my child?” This is the question nearly every parent will ask your staff at some point. When you use EDULOG’s Parent Portal, you can give parent’s access to personalized information about their child. Because it links up with your GPS tracking system, parents can see what bus their child needs to catch, where it is, and what time they will be picked up. Reduce your phone calls and empower parents with EDULOG’s Parent Portal.

Why Use EDULOG’s Parent Portal?
  • Accessibility. Put essential student transportation directly into parents’ hands. You can reduce extra phone calls for common questions.
  • Security. Parents access their children’s transportation information with a unique, safe and secure login.
  • Accuracy. Parents can be confident in the information they receive, because it’s coming from real-time tracking information sent from their child’s bus.
  • Alerts. Your GPS tracking system lets parents know when their child’s bus enters custom Alert Zones.
  • Automated Communication. Reduce phone calls to the transportation department by automatically delivering the info parents need.
  • Messaging. Utilize push notifications to keep parents informed about traffic delays or bus substitutions.

An App with a Growth path

EDULOG offers two versions of our app to provide parents with the information they deserve. Start with simple bus arrival notifications with Parent Portal Lite, grow with us into additional features only a route management company can provide.

  • Bus Arrival Notifications
  • Custom Alert Zone Notifications
  • Data Distribution
  • Student Ridership
  • School of Attendance Lookup
  • Transportation Eligibility Lookup
  • Transportation Requests