Parent Portal Lite


“Where is my child?”

Parents everywhere are demanding apps with bus location information. When you use EDULOG’s Parent Portal Lite mobile application, parents receive personalized and secure information about their child’s bus trip to and from school. Parents can easily see the bus their child needs to catch and where it is. An estimated 97% of Millennial parents own a mobile phone. They will no longer have to call into your transportation department asking questions like “Where is the bus?” or “Why is the bus late?” There’s no need to worry if your kids are waiting for the bus in inclement weather, you can edit a custom Alert Zone to notify you when the bus is near the stop to minimize time spent waiting outside. With Parent Portal Lite, parents will have the bus information they need in the palm of their hands.

Why Use Parent Portal Lite?
  • Immediate Satisfaction. Provide parents peace of mind with a service they genuinely want.
  • Easy Implementation. Plug-and-play solution. Instant, accurate-to-bus information for both the district and parents.
  • Alert Zone Notifications. Parents and students will receive bus location notifications based on their preferences.
  • Automated Communication. Reduce phone calls to the transportation department by automatically delivering the info parents need.
  • No Route Management Required. Start with our basic Lite version and grow with us.

An App with a Growth path

EDULOG offers two versions of our app to provide parents with the information they deserve. Start with simple bus arrival notifications, grow with us into additional features only a route management company can provide.