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Edulog and Samsara

We've partnered together to launch an integrated solution for student safety, route planning, and parent communication.

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An Integrated Telematics and Routing Solution

  • Uphold Student Safety

  • Streamline Parent Communications

  • Increase Operational Efficiency

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Uphold Student Safety

  • Create route plans to accommodate social distancing (e.g. one seat per student)

  • Use app-based DVIRs to ensure driver adherence to sanitization protocols

  • Monitor student ridership to support contact tracing

  • Real-time data ensures better, faster incident response; in the event of a missing child or accident, admins can quickly confirm who is on the bus, whether they’re on the right one, and whether they missed a stop.

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Streamline Parent Communications

Screenshot: Edulog Parent Portal - Trip to School
  • Reduce parent calls by providing real-time data and timely updates in an easy-to-use parent portal

  • Proactively notify parents of school bus locations and changes in route plans

  • Send messages instantly to a target audience (i.e. Bus 20 is running late to all stops)

  • Create custom alert zones to notify parents when the bus is approaching

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Easily model different scenarios to accommodate changing guidance; optimize route plans for each scenario

  • Create routes based on “true ridership” from ID card scans (i.e. track how many students actually ride the bus, versus how many sign up to take the bus)

  • Track utilization to identify vehicles that can be reallocated to other needs (e.g. delivering meals or technology)

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

"This school year, agility and accountability were especially important as we prepared to reopen in the face of COVID-19. By working with Edulog and Samsara, we were able to optimize our route plans and move from hard-wired telematics devices to a driver-friendly, tablet-based solution. This solution helps us transport students safely and efficiently. We were able to train drivers to use the tablets in 2 hours. All of our drivers now have current directions and graphic maps on board for any route in the district. With COVID-related driver absences, this new system gives us faster re-routes, resulting in better performance for students and parents. We are also implementing Edulog’s Parent Portal app, giving parents an immediate way to see the status and location of their bus. So important in these turbulent times."

  • Roger Miller

    Manager of Transportation, East Allen County Schools, IN

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