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Edulog Transportation Solutions

“Which school would my child go to?” That question used to require staff to be on the phone and in front of a computer to answer. With EDULOG’s WebQuery service you can direct parents, real estate agents and other concerned parties to your WebQuery website and avoid resource consuming phone calls. Since WebQuery is integrated with EDULOG’s routing and scheduling system you can be sure that the information is accurate and up-to-date. And no student information is ever revealed, so security is never an issue. Ask how WebQuery can save you time and money today!

Why use EDULOG WebQuery?

  • Fewer Questions. Spend less time answering the same questions by securely sharing necessary eligibility information online.
  • Accurate Information. You can be confident that parents and district staff are getting up-to-date information, because it’s coming directly from your school bus routing and scheduling software.
  • Security. Keep your sensitive student information secure, WebQuery only displays the school of attendance, pupil transportation eligibility, and the closest available bus stop.
  • Accessibility. WebQuery makes sure real-time information is available day or night on the web for the people in your community that need it most.
  • Click here to download the brochure for EDULOG’s suite of web-based software solutions, including WebQuery.

Web Solutions for Pupil Transportation


WebQuery is part of EDULOG’s complete web transportation software for schools. Find out why districts across the U.S. and Canada use EDULOG school bus routing software.

Learn more about how EDULOG can help your school district’s pupil transportation system find savings that help keep money in the classroom.