Onboard Technology – Tablets and MDTs

Onboard technology with access to critical data at your fingertips.

Ruggedized Tablet SolutionsEDULOG’s tablet solutions are a powerful student transportation management tool that allow school districts to access critical information about students, drivers, and school buses in real-time, make data-driven decisions, and maintain open communications at all times. Based on a strong technology foundation, EDULOG’s tablets are keeping students safer and making school bus transportation smarter.

Why Education Logistics Tablet Solutions?

  • At Your Fingertips. Route directions and electronic passenger lists give drivers accuracy and completeness of transportation data and eliminate paper. Having efficient, accurate, environmentally friendly data at your fingertips is the future of school bus transportation.
  • Driver Log-In. Drivers no longer need to stop by the transportation office to punch a time clock. They can start their days out right by clocking in using the tablet on the bus, saving time and money and increasing efficiency.
  • Real-Time Data. When students board the bus their names and pictures come up on the tablet, making it easier to know who they are, where they’re going, and if they’re boarding the correct bus. Tablets offer a complete student ridership management system.
  • Powerful Navigation. EDULOG’s navigation is designed is designed specifically for school buses, with student safety in mind. Our tablets give you turn-by-turn directions and seamless integration with GPS hardware, using the power of routing to safely navigate planned bus runs and routes.
  • Complete Integration. Easy-to-use tablet systems for navigation, student ridership, and driver log-ins bring your buses into the “internet of things”.