Student Ridership

Start tracking and start knowing to improve your pupil transportation safety and efficiency.

Edulog Student Tracking

What if improving student safety and transportation efficiency took one simple card swipe? When you use EDULOG’s Student Ridership as part of a complete school bus GPS tracking solution, you get secure, real-time tracking data when students ride the bus. Not only can you give parents peace of mind that their children are getting to and from school safely, you can increase efficiency by seeing which students are actually riding the bus and what stops are being used daily.

Why Education Logistics Student Ridership?

  • Knowledge. See when students board the bus and when they leave it. See when students miss the bus, ride the wrong bus, or miss their stop in real-time.
  • Manage by Exception. EDULOG’s Student Ridership solution alerts you when reality differs from your planned data, and creates reports to help you better manage your system by exception.
  • Safety. When you use a complete EDULOG solution, you can better ensure student safety with features like customizable hazard zones, and alerts when real data differs from planned data.
  • Efficiency. Get real numbers on student ridership, and improve your planned routing by spotting when and where students aren’t using school transportation.
  • Complete Integration. EDULOG’s Student Ridership system is part of a complete GPS and Routing solution that work together to dramatically improve pupil transportation safety and efficiency.
  • Automation. Your transportation department has enough work to do, let EDULOG’s software solutions take some of it off your hands. EDULOG automates the student ridership management process, using advanced RFID cards that assure accuracy.
  • Click here to download the brochure for EDULOG’s Student Ridership software.

Your Complete School GPS Solution


Student Ridership is part of EDULOG’s complete GPS tracking software solution. Find out why districts across the U.S. and Canada use EDULOG school bus routing software.

Learn more about how EDULOG can help your school district’s pupil transportation system find savings that help keep money in the classroom.