Driver Time and Attendance

Your complete, web-based staffing management system made for mobile employees.

What if you had a complete driver time database that enhanced accuracy, reliability, and information where your drivers are? With EDULOG’s eDTA software, you can track more than just driver time and attendance. Enhance school bus safety by tracking pre- and post-trip maintenance, compare driver performance over time, and get the one tool you need to analyze and improve employee performance from anywhere.

Why use EDULOG eDTA?

  • Knowledge. You can track driver time and attendance at the bus. Integrate it with your school bus GPS tracking system to enable them to log-in where drivers start their day.
  • Accuracy. Comparative analysis lets you track your planned schedules against actual performance. Help improve employee performance over time with real data.
  • Safety. Integrate eDTA with your pre- and post-trip maintenance system to make sure everything checks out in real-time. Re-assign drivers on the fly in case of problems.
  • Tracking. When you use eDTA with a complete GPS solution from EDULOG and Zonar, you can track location not only on a route by route basis, but also a driver by driver basis.
  • Click here to download the brochure for EDULOG’s driver time and attendance software.

Your Complete School GPS Solution


eDTA is part of EDULOG’s complete GPS tracking software solution. Find out why districts across the U.S. and Canada use EDULOG school bus routing software.

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