Start tracking and start knowing with real-time, comparative GPS tracking data.

Edulog GPS Tracking

What if your GPS tracking software did more than just tell you where your buses are? When you use EDULOG’s EduTracker GPS software, you not only get real-time tracking information, you also get help making sense of the data with EduTracker’s ability to automatically compare your planned data with your live data.

Why use Education Logistics EduTracker GPS tracking software?

  • Safety. See when students board the bus and when they leave it. See when students miss the bus, ride the wrong bus, or miss their stop in real-time.
  • Complete Integration. When you use EduTracker with EDULOG’s Routing and Scheduling tools, you can automatically make changes to your planning based on reality.
  • Robust Reporting. Your tracking data needs to go beyond location. With a complete EDULOG GPS tracking solution, you can track vehicle events like door opens, idle time, and more.
  • Knowledge and Flexibility. Get rid of the clutter and interact with just the data you want by panning and zooming your map, isolating buses you want to track, and more.
  • Click here to download the brochure for EDULOG’s school bus GPS tracking software.

Your Complete School GPS Solution


EduTracker is part of EDULOG’s complete GPS tracking software solution. Find out why districts across the U.S. and Canada use EDULOG school bus routing software.