What if you could know about problems when they start, instead of after they happen?

When you have a fully integrated school bus telematics software and hardware solution from Edulog, you get real-time tracking information that keeps you in the loop. Comparative analysis means you can manage your system by exception, allowing you to spot when a bus goes off your routing plan, or a student misses their stop.

Why Edulog Telematics?

  • Knowledge. Get real-time tracking information that lets you see where your buses are, and historical data to help you refine your planning later.
  • Complete Integration. Your tracking and planning software should work together. Edulog’s school bus telematics software is designed for true two-way communication with its routing and planning software.
  • Accuracy. Your telematics data can be used to refine your map data. Improve maps and planning using actual information gathered on the ground.
  • Real Insights. Whether you’re tracking 20 buses or 2,000 buses, Edulog’s system alerts you when your day-to-day routing goes off schedule.
  • Student Ridership. You’re transporting precious cargo, and an Edulog student ridership solution helps you keep students safe. Know if a student misses a stop, gets on the wrong bus, and more.
  • Hardware and Software. Make sure your district gets the right solution. Edulog partners with the best GPS hardware providers to make sure you get a complete solution that works.

Learn more about…

Telematics Software

When you use Edulog’s Telematics software, you get real-time tracking information and help making sense of it compared to your planned data.

Student Ridership

Find out how Edulog’s Student Ridership solution can help improve your school transportation safety and efficiency as part of a complete GPS tracking system.


Easy-to-use Tablet systems for navigation, student ridership, and driver log-ins bring your buses into the “internet of things”.

Driver Time & Attendance

Learn why Edulog’s Electronic school bus Driver Time and Attendance database enhances accuracy, reliability, and information where your drivers are.