EDULOG Hires Top Talent to Build New Technology, Looking to Hire 30 More Employees to Take Company to Next Generation

May 12, 2016

MISSOULA, MT – Education Logistics, Inc. (EDULOG) has hired eight senior managers with diverse backgrounds from across the nation and is looking to hire up to 30 more employees to help grow EDULOG’s leading-edge student transportation systems in the U.S. and expand its presence into international markets.

With nearly 40 years in student transportation systems, EDULOG is building innovative new software and technology to take the company to the next generation, according to Jason Corbally, president of EDULOG. These managers – with experience in Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Panasonic, Nike, United Airlines, Continental Airlines and General Electric – will help lead the way.

EDULOG’s management team includes:

• Jeffrey Hay, Assistant Vice President of Software Delivery
• Edward Knowlton, Director of Customer Experience
• Aimee Burt, Director of Project Management Office
• Shannon Evans, Manager of Deployment and Configuration
• Amy Madzelonka, Manager of Product Support
• Shannon Furniss, Communications Officer
• Lynn Exe, Human Resources Manager

Technology is changing rapidly as the world continues to move toward mobile devices, and people expect data at their fingertips, Corbally said.

“EDULOG understands the power of technology and has brought in a top team of technology experts from outside the school bus industry to streamline our processes and ramp up our development efforts,” Corbally said. “We’re the leader in school bus transportation technology, but we want to bring to our industry the newest advances in technology in other fields. We need to deliver information in useful ways to our clients in school systems.”

The Missoula, Montana, company’s innovative products such as mobile applications are helping bring school districts into the digital world, Corbally said. The newly hired management team will continue to build on those technologies. For management team bios, visit

In addition to hiring a new management team, EDULOG will be hiring up to 30 new employees including customer service and product support staff, business development representatives, project managers, account managers and IT engineers.

Over the past year, EDULOG has increased its payroll by 20 percent and is spending more than $1 million on building renovations.

“We are pleased to be able to work with clients globally and keep our operation in Missoula, Montana,” Corbally said.

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