EDULOG Announces Integrated Routing, Planning, and GPS Tracking Adopted by Koinonia Homes of Cuyahoga County, OH

Education Logistics (EDULOG) Announces a Completely Integrated EDULOG Routing, Planning, and GPS Tracking Solution Adopted by Koinonia Homes of Cuyahoga County, OH.

Missoula, MT – April 30th, 2012 Education Logistics, Inc. (EDULOG) announced today it has implemented its web-based electronic Pupil Transportation System (ePTS) and EduTracker GPS tracking software, along with Zonar Systems’ GPS hardware components for Koinonia Homes of Cuyahoga County, OH.

“We are a service provider for nearly 500 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and have numerous facilities and locations throughout Cuyahoga county,” says Transportation Manager Melody Coniglio. “Being able to accurately manage and track our bus fleet is critical to providing a safe and efficient transportation service between our multiple locations and additional destinations.”

EDULOG offers the only solution for bus transportation management that combines powerful routing and scheduling software with in-depth, continual consulting and web-based application access. EDULOG’s ePTS system is widely regarded as the most intuitive and easy to use management tool in the industry.

Additionally, EDULOG’s Application Service Provider (ASP) services removes the burden of both local system software and data maintenance from the client’s shoulders. An EDULOG site manager is assigned to each and every ASP client to personally perform standard operation and maintenance of a routing system to ensure that the client receives maximum value from the EDULOG ePTS routing system.

EduTracker, EDULOG’s GPS software, also provides clients a cost-effective and integrated method of tracking bus locations at all times. Not only can the exact location of any bus be displayed on the EDULOG map, but the time and location of each pick-up and drop-off can be recorded to analyze routes, report accidents or make emergency notifications. EDULOG’s preferred partnership with Zonar systems’ GPS hardware solutions brings true two-way integration of GPS data to the table, allowing for planned versus actual comparative data analysis and management by exception in real-time.

“Our transportation operations are smaller relative to school districts with other large fleets, but EDULOG’s unique combination of hosted software services and class-leading applications was a home run for us,” explained Coniglio. “Along with their full GPS integration using Zonar systems, the country’s largest provider of GPS hardware, we knew we were getting the expertise of the top two companies in the industry.”

With more than 150 employees, EDULOG represents the largest pool of industry experience and resources available to directly assist school districts with not only the implementation, but the successful operation of a complete routing and scheduling transportation system.Coniglio concluded,

“No other company out there was able to provide us fully integrated GPS tracking, routing management, and a zero-maintenance environment all in a complete, comprehensive package.”

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Education Logistics, Inc. (EDULOG) partners with K-12 school districts nationwide to provide superior transportation planning and management software systems. Their system solutions include GPSbased routing, true GIS planning and scheduling, student tracking and field trip management, driver time and attendance tracking as well as vehicle inspection and fleet maintenance. Their innovative, web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are easily scalable for districts of all sizes. EDULOG’s unique combination of flexible, powerful software solutions, deep industry expertise, and a commitment to the client’s continual training, development, and consulting needs have made EDULOG the recognized industry leader in student transportation solutions since 1978. For more information about Education Logistics, Inc., visit: