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Edulog Parent Portal

Parents everywhere need an app with school bus location information. With Edulog’s Parent Portal mobile application, parents receive personalized and secure information about their child’s bus trip to and from school. Parents have the bus information they need in the palm of their hands.

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Request Parent Portal at Your District

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Timely Info for Parents

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  • Security

    Access your children’s transportation information with a unique, safe, and secure login

  • Visibility

    On-demand access to the school bus location and planned bus stop information

  • Messaging

    Receive messages directly from Transportation (i.e. Bus 20 is running late to all stops)

  • Scan Notifications

    Be alerted when your students scan on and off the bus

Value Beyond the Basics

Feature Industry Standard
Edulog Parent Portal
Where’s My Bus?
Student Ridership Integration
Security: Account Authentication
Customized Messaging and Alerts
Toggle Bus Visibility
Automatic Stop Change Notification
Ride Registration

Why Choose Us?

Being first is never easy, but staying first is even harder. Edulog has done it by continually providing the best service to our clients, constantly updating our software based on client feedback, and always remembering that our goal is to help schools safely transport students.

  • Innovative Technology

    40 years ago, we created the first routing and planning software for schools. We’ve stayed ahead of the curve to help districts do even more

  • Demonstrated Savings

    School districts across North America have reported millions in savings thanks to Edulog solutions and services

  • Proven Success

    Every day, over 6 million students are transported on over 85,000 buses routed by Edulog software!

  • Best in Class

    Edulog is the routing system of choice among the 100 largest school districts in North America

  • For Districts of Any Size

    Our clients range from small districts with as few as 57 students to large districts with as many as 1.8 million students

  • Clients Around the Globe

    Experienced with large-scale implementation in places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Toronto, France, and Saudi Arabia

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