Looking for Solutions

When it comes to dealing with driver shortages, Edulog Advisory Services is able to help your district.

What can we do?

  • Conduct an Efficiency Assessment of your district’s transportation to determine where the major constraints and challenges to transportation are.
  • Perform a Transportation Study that optimizes your current stops into runs and routes that simulate the most efficient way to operate your current bus fleet.
  • Determine if separating bell times to allow for more transportation flexibility makes sense for your district.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement that reduce your total fleet size, from minor changes to radical and creative ideas.
  • Support a business case for necessary investment, whether in vehicles, technology, or other major items.

Regardless of whether a district transports 500 students or 15,000 students, Edulog's Advisory Service group is here to help your district face the tough challenges that come with driver shortages. The reports and results that our team produces can allow your district to be timely and effective in its decision-making process. And even if your bus fleet is operating at the most efficient level possible, you can stand behind your choices with greater confidence when facing an uncertain future.

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