Meet the Leaders of EDULOG

Executive Team

Hein Nguyen - CEO/Founder

Hien Nguyen, Chief Executive Officer/Founder

École Polytechnique, Paris, France. Diplome d’Ingenieur, 1971
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1975
Sloan School of Management (MIT), Cambridge, Mass. M.B.A., 1975

After completing his MBA and Ph.D. in Mathematics, Dr. Hien Nguyen began applying his knowledge by developing the Operations Research (OR) curriculum and program during his tenure at the University of Montana. His methods were so effective that the program continues to be a mainstay of the University’s curriculum. During this time, his focus on OR resulted in a consulting project that involved creating a mathematically sound way to optimize pupil transportation by developing efficient bus routes and schedules. These efficiencies ultimately lead to impressive savings for the districts involved with the project. After three years of refinement, Dr. Nguyen realized his true goal, the commercial application of optimized student transportation. In 1978, he founded the first pupil transportation consulting and technology company, EDULOG, based on this groundbreaking research.

In the 1980s, Dr. Nguyen’s algorithms evolved into new systems that greatly enhanced enrollment projections, school boundaries, and school distribution. His inventions applied mathematical principles to real world problems, creating better educational opportunities within limited school budgets. With the advent of the PC in the 1990s, Dr. Nguyen developed a modernized version of his software that ran on Windows-based workstations. Under his stewardship, the company continued to leverage new technology by creating the first web-based applications for pupil transportation.

Dr. Nguyen then shifted his company’s focus to developments in the emerging GPS/AVL student transportation market. The result is the most comprehensive planning and monitoring system for the world’s school buses. Continuing EDULOG’s history of cutting edge innovations, Dr. Nguyen’s renewed focus is integrating mobile devices that foster connectivity and real insight between buses and transportation departments. Dr. Nguyen’s vision of efficiency continues to guide the future of EDULOG into expanding world markets.

Jason Corbally - President

Jason Corbally, President

Jason Corbally leads the company toward new milestones, working closely with school districts, government, and industry to improve existing products and develop new ones, making EDULOG the industry leader in transportation management systems. Jason started at EDULOG in 2004 while attending the University of Montana and has paved the way for new partnerships, launching EDULOG’s innovative technology into the international arena. Selected as one of Missoula’s top “20 under 40” young business professionals, Jason also serves as a committee chair on Governor Steve Bullock’s Main Street Montana Project and on the Montana High Tech Business Alliance Advisory Board. A native of Butte, Montana, he and his wife are the parents of Peyton and Liam.


Hong-Linh Nguyen - CTO

Hong-Linh Nguyen, Chief Technology Officer

Linh Nguyen earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At MIT, he worked with the Department of Defense, Raytheon, and MIT’s Lincoln Laboratories on projects that focused on applications of artificial intelligence: in particular, natural language processing and visual/geospatial machine learning. At EDULOG, he aims to apply state-of-the-art data modeling and computation techniques developed in artificial intelligence to problems that we face in the pupil transportation industry.

Linh’s understanding of data modeling and its potential contributions to the transportation industry inspired him to join in his father’s vision and officially return to EDULOG. In his role as CTO, Linh is innovating and creating applications that will change the pupil transportation industry for decades to come. Seeing the potential and inherent benefits of optimized student transportation in a world market, Linh seized the opportunity to return to Montana to apply his extensive knowledge to this growing need.


Management Team


Tim Baigent, Manager of Training

Tim Baigent is EDULOG’s Manager of Training.  His focus is bringing adult learning theory to the organization, moving it to more of a student centric training environment.  Prior to EDULOG he worked in a similar way for AT&T and the U.S. Army.  He was also a certified K-12 teacher that taught every grade level while working in the U.S. and internationally.  He has a MA in international relations from the Lebanese American University and a MA certification in instructional design from the University of Arizona.


Jeff Hay - Assistant VP of Software Development

Jeffrey Hay, Associate Vice President of Software Delivery

Jeffrey Hay joins EDULOG after significant experience in research and development and new product introduction in environments ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies.  As Intel’s director of PSI System Test, Jeffrey spearheaded Intel’s reentry into the smartphone and tablet market. He established a global Agile-based system test group of project managers, software developers, and quality assurance engineers that ensured the functional suitability, performance, and reliability of Intel’s hardware and software platform.  Prior to Intel, Jeffrey was a senior manager at Broadcom, managing the integration of Broadcom’s application SW, for customer engagements with Nokia and Samsung.  Earlier in his career, Jeffrey was the director of engineering at Taproot in North Carolina, the senior group manager of Communications and Middleware at Panasonic in Atlanta, and the line manager at Siemens Mobile in Alborg, Denmark.  Jeffrey has degrees in history from the University of Richmond, Virginia, and electrical engineering from the University of Aalborg in Denmark.


Shawna Knudson - Manager of Account Management

Shawna Knudson, Manager of Account Management

Shawna is EDULOG’s Manager of Account Management.  During her tenure with EDULOG, she’s focused on customer service and problem solving; skills that have been instrumental in the account management realm.  Her recent focus on large-scale implementations and intricate EduTracker projects has given her the experience necessary to help all of her clients, regardless of the size of the district.  When not at EDULOG, she enjoys wine-making, dirt-road travels, and spending time at the lake.


Amy Madzelonka - Manager of Product Support

Amy Madzelonka, Manager of Product Support

Amy Madzelonka began working with the EDULOG Software Support Department in February 2014. Prior to working at EDULOG, Amy worked as a Network Engineer for 15+ years. She is currently the Manager of Product Support. Amy enjoys working with our clients and the relationships she is building with each of them. When free time permits, Amy enjoys golfing and spending time with her family.


Nikki Mustard - Director of Administration

Nikki Mustard, Director of Administration

Nikki has nearly 25 years of experiencing managing staff and overseeing company expenses, and serves as the planning director for our annual EDULOG conference. While she’s a Montana native, Nikki was bitten by the travel bug and also serves as the Business Manager for a California Vineyard, giving her ample time to enjoy wine country. Nikki’s primary passion, though, is her family. When not working she enjoys spending time with her husband, 20 year old boys and extensive extended family.


Sam Preisler - Assistant VP of Implementation Management

Samuel Preisler, Associate Vice President of Implementation Management

Sam joins EDULOG after five and a half years at Silver Butte Holsteins, Inc. where he was the General Manager and Information Technology Director. One of the largest calf ranches in the United States, Silver Butte Holsteins grew from $20 to $140 million in annual sales during his tenure. Prior to Silver Butte Holsteins, Sam directed the quality assurance efforts for the Department of Health and Welfare for the State of Idaho, on a multi-million-dollar eligibility benefits system serving 1.6 million Idahoans. Sam has consulted with a number of organizations including Xerox, AppLabs, QualityLogic, ITG, and Albertsons.  He received a Ph.D. in computer science in 1997 and is a lifetime member of Carnegie-Mellon Software Engineering Institute and a U.S. Navy veteran.