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In a time of frequent, deep change and uncertainty, it is more important than ever that K12 transportation departments be able to create route plans that accommodate health and safety guidelines, adapt operations to deal with reduced resources, and streamline parent communications. Edulog is proud to announce a solution to meet these needs that includes intelligent routing management, a parent-facing app, and an opt-in transportation program.

Our Solutions

Find out how Edulog's integrated software for school transportation can help you.

  • Athena Routing

    Athena Routing

    Introducing Athena Routing, a cloud-based routing and planning solution designed for school districts of any size. Everything that you need for safe, efficient, economical student transportation management. Athena has an intuitive interface and the optimization tools you need to route with ease.

  • Icon: Student Ridership

    Ride Registration

    Transportation departments need solid numbers now, more than ever. With Ride Registration, parents use Parent Portal to communicate their busing needs directly to your transportation department. Our Advisory Services team will lead you through the data-gathering and implementation process.

  • Icon: Parent Portal

    Parent Portal

    Give parents peace of mind with Edulog's Parent Portal. Parents have access to personalized transportation information about their child. Because it links up with your GPS system, parents can see what bus their child needs to catch, where it is, and what time they will be picked up.

See How Your District Benefits

Screenshot: Athena Routing
  • Icon: Cloud Data Distribution


    Browser-based for ease of access and use

  • Icon: Timer


    Your everyday routing tasks are now more efficient than ever

  • Icon: Drag and Drop


    Trustworthy reports and analytics to improve your daily plans

  • Icon: Integration

    Ride Registration

    Allows districts to plan routes efficiently, responding to the latest allowable capacities

  • Icon: Efficiency


    Eliminates cumbersome surveys and paper forms

  • Icon: Details


    Your planned ridership data is integrated with Athena Routing

Graphic: Ride Registration
Graphic: Parent Portal
  • Icon: Safety


    Parents access their children's transportation information with a unique, safe, and secure login

  • Icon: Connected School Bus


    Reduce parent calls by providing real-time data and timely updates

  • Icon: Messaging


    Send messages to a target audience (i.e. Bus 20 is running late to all stops)

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Don't Just Take Our Word for It

“To accommodate the district’s new A/B schedule, we used the Ride Registration feature to allow parents to opt-in for school bus transportation. About 80% of our riders’ parents utilize the app, which streamlined the registration process. The data from Ride Registration was imported directly into our Edulog Routing and Planning software. With limited capacity, new CDC Guidelines, and reduced ridership, Ride Registration helped us pinpoint exactly where our services were most needed and allowed us to run and maintain efficient routes with everything that is going on. Not only do parents feel informed, it saves our department time.”

Avery Sponsler

Route Coordinator

Agua Fria Union High School District, AZ

“Shifting from transporting students to delivering meals to children during a national emergency isn’t easy. But with our existing Edulog Parent Portal app, we were, within an hour, able to configure it send real-time information about the food delivery routes and schedules to the entire community. On-time delivery is a major concern, and we wanted to make sure that parents were at the stops on time so that we could serve everyone efficiently and without delay.”

Tom Cohn

Transportation Director

Helena Public Schools, MT

About Edulog

Education Logistics, Inc. is the original school bus routing software company and has been providing routing and planning software solutions to districts across North America since 1977. We have worked hard to make sure that our software and hardware solutions stay on the cutting edge by adding school bus GPS tracking, student ridership, and parent communication solutions that help school districts like yours improve safety and keep money in the classrooms while transporting students efficiently.

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Why Choose Us?

Being first is never easy, but staying first is even harder. Edulog has done it by continually providing the best service to our clients, constantly updating our software based on client feedback, and always remembering that our goal is to help schools safely transport students.

  • Innovative Technology

    40 years ago, we created the first routing and planning software for schools. We’ve stayed ahead of the curve to help districts do even more

  • Demonstrated Savings

    School districts across North America have reported millions in savings thanks to Edulog solutions and services

  • Proven Success

    Every day, over 6 million students are transported on over 85,000 buses routed by Edulog software!

  • Best in Class

    Edulog is the routing system of choice among the 100 largest school districts in North America

  • For Districts of Any Size

    Our clients range from small districts with as few as 57 students to large districts with as many as 1.8 million students

  • Clients Around the Globe

    Experienced with large-scale implementation in places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Toronto, France, and Saudi Arabia

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