Dorchester School District #2, SC – Parent Portal

“It’s hard to be excited about the back-to-school season when the phone rings from early morning until late evening. The non-stop phones ringing and questions are overwhelming. This year, our experience was much different with the help of the Edulog parent app. The call volume was significantly lower–in the range of 75%–and complaints about lack of communication were decreased by about 50%.  Our email inboxes weren’t overflowing with questions. Parents and school staff now have the info they need on their phones. The deployment of the app required some teamwork but it more than paid off.  It made parents take initiative, but it gave them the resources to find the information they needed. Now our community has come to depend on the accurate information we distribute with Parent Portal. They love it!  With the app in place, we’re better able to focus on the important work: routing buses efficiently, safely, and on-time.”

Stephan Shope
Director of Transportation

Improve Communication and Relay Information to Parents

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