How Cleveland Metropolitan School District Improved Service to Parents

"Thanks to Edulog's technology and support, the introduction of the parent app to Cleveland has been a resounding success."
 - Alan Perez, Applications Manager
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Cleveland Metropolitan School District, OH

39,000+ Students

10,000+ Transported Daily

290 School Buses


Introducing new communication tools and technologies requires a detailed and considerate approach to service and professionalism. Sound justifications for the value of the new app must be shared with the community and all of the stakeholders at the district. A detailed pre-rollout project plan must include effective recommendations to best manage parental and district expectations.


It is vital to partner with a vendor that understands the needs and benefits for each and every stakeholder at the district and in the community. "Edulog's knowledge and experience in communicating with parents, stakeholders, and district administrators, and also understanding the needs of each group, was reflected in the plans that the company prepared for the transportation department to present to the district and the community," says Alan Perez, Applications Manager for the district.


"The Cleveland Metropolitan School District has worked with Edulog for many years and Edulog's integrated systems (routing, GPS, Parent Portal) have been vital to the smooth and efficient operations of our transportation department," Perez says. "The company helped us develop a very good process for communication between the district and parents, with Edulog's assistance the expectations of the community and the political stakeholders have been well-managed, and the technology works wonderfully."