6 Ways an EDULOG GPS System Makes the Back-to-School Season Easier

The first two weeks can be pretty hectic, with a flurry of phone calls from people asking the same questions: “Where’s the bus? Did the bus driver miss my stop? Why is the bus late?” From parents to principals, the phone calls seem unending and can send an office into chaos.  Having an EDULOG GPS system can eliminate some of the chaos, reduce stress levels throughout the department, and position a district for success – from the first day of school and throughout the year.

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Rutherford GPS

Rutherford County Schools to Save $100,000+ Per Year with EDULOG’s GPS System, Keep Students Safer

When students return to school after the summer break, all school buses in Rutherford County, Tennessee, will have EDULOG’s GPS systems on board, and the district’s transportation director believes that it will keep students safer and save more than $100,000 per year.

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EDULOG’s 2016 Conference Features Top-Notch Classes and Training Sessions, Networking with Technology Experts

Parent portals, mobile devices, and tablets seemed so futuristic only a decade ago. Today, they play a major role in getting our children safely and efficiently to school. Technology is rapidly changing the school transportation industry, and EDULOG is positioned to take the industry to an all-new level.

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