Portsmouth, Virginia excited to begin Edulog implementation

PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA — Education Logistics, the leader in school bus routing software solutions, recently completed a successful consulting project with the Portsmouth Public School Transportation Department. The company offers first-in-class route-planning software and GPS. When coupled with a professional training and installation, the company’s solutions can offer substantial savings and a sizable return on investment.

Schools in Portsmouth, Virginia are experiencing the benefits of this approach. After a recent training session with Edulog (Education Logistics) Portsmouth Public Schools Transportation Director, Gary Lillie, is excited for the final roll-out of Edulog solutions to his district.
“We see that the monies the school board approved for this upgrade will by far, pay for itself,” Lillie noted, “We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Edulog and to commend Ron Perkowski on the outstanding training conducted here, on-site with Portsmouth Public School.”

On-the-ground training shows users how to best utilize the deep analytical powers of Edulog software for their unique district needs. Applying a customized solution and taking the time to work with clients hands-on, instills confidence in a school district’s ability to optimize their routing performance.

Edulog’s “technique, games, impressive technical knowledge of the system and impeccable people skills has ensured that our department is well on its way to running an efficient organization,” Lillie explained. “The real-time participation along with demonstration, peer-instruction, and gaming [aspects] left my team empowered and confident in our ability to make a real difference in our department. We are excited about this new venture and look forward to a continued partnership.”

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