Service That Stands Out: After More Than Three Decades, Edulog’s Commitment to its Clients Strengthens

Service That Stands Out: After More Than Three Decades, Edulog’s Commitment to its Clients Strengthens

Missoula, Mont. – December 22, 2011 After more than 30 years of providing cutting-edge software and services, Edulog’s commitment to its customers and their success has only strengthened over time.

Since 1977 Edulog has been the leader in K-12 transportation and planning software and services. More than 30 years after its creation, Edulog has expanded its offerings to include state-of-the-art and intuitive programs. But it’s our institutional knowledge and in-the-field experience that truly puts Edulog above the rest.

Edulog just doesn’t sell a product or service, rather, we sell solutions to everyday problems and issues that challenge school districts. With a customer-first approach, Edulog’s professionals work with clients to meet and often exceed customer expectations. Edulog staffers use their experience on every project, taking a pragmatic and practical view while ensuring that the end goals are met. The result: a successful project and an ongoing business relationship that is enhanced by the guidance of Edulog’s professionals.

Relationships Based on Trust

Many times a school district knows what it wants to accomplish, but district staff don’t know how to proceed. That’s exactly where Edulog’s expertise and guidance comes into play to lead the initiative from infancy through project completion.

“We explained our situation and Edulog was able to assist us in improving our bus service,” said Beth D’Eramo, controller for the St. Joseph Prepatory Schools of Pennsylvania. The schools outlined four issues they wanted to improve and Edulog’s consulting services worked with the district to alter and ultimately create more service stops while reducing mileage. “ Edulog was very easy to work with. I would recommend Edulog to anyone that is interested in improving their transportation service.”

Building relationships and trust through results-driven work is one of many reasons clients routinely return to Edulog for assistance.

“We have a relationship and history with Edulog where they have worked with the Pascagoula School District for years and they have assisted us with other restructuring projects,” said Bernard Rogers, director of student services for the Pascagoula School District of Mississippi. “Today’s educational dollar is constantly shrinking and you have to look at ways to look outside the box and do things as cost-effective as you can. Edulog exceeded our expectations in terms of the support they brought to the initiative.”

Providing Peace of Mind

Edulog’s professionals tackle every project, issue, or subsequent remedy with a practical yet pragmatic approach. Often, before a project even begins there is a thorough evaluation to ensure that all the goals are defined while at the same time leaving room for “what if” thinking.

“Often Edulog’s support department not only helps solve our problems – which are rare – but also helps me see the bigger picture and to think ‘outside of the box,’” said Dave Rauseo, transportation directo r for the Nashua School District of New Hampshire. “By taking a pragmatic and decisive approach, the staff at Edulog brings resolution as well as help me to think creatively about the software system as a whole and how its applications can improve the services we provide. The staff at Edulog is always practical, prompt, and pleasant, and has always been there to assist me.”

Once an Edulog software solution is implemented at a client site, school districts have free access to Edulog’s support department. This value-added service ensures that there’s someone to help when you need it the most.

“The customer support that we receive is excellent, ” said David Shoob, transportation director for the Roslyn Public Schools of New York. “It gives me peace of mind knowing that Edulog is always there to assist in a timely fashion and that their experts take great pride in helping our operation to be as successful as possible. I am very happy with the program and it’s rare when I need to call support, but when I do, the service is great.”

Quick, Responsive Service

It’s all too common for software companies to sell products and services but then fail at the critical task of providing continuing support. At Edulog, customer support is one of many benefits our clients receive at no cost. With the largest support staff in the industry combined with prompt service, Edulog offers unsurpassed post-implementation assistance.

“Customer service from the company has been excellent,” noted Gary L. Allen, chief technology officer at the Amarillo Independent School District of Texas. “The EDULOG staff is responsive, courteous, and most importantly resolves any issues in a timely and accurate manner.”

Every support-related call or email received by Edulog is time-stamped and logged into a database. By tracking every support query, we can guarantee that your needs will not be overlooked and that a response will be given almost immediately. In fact, Eduliog’s average support response time has continually improved and the feedback has been most positive.

“I have been very pleased with the quick response time when we have a question for support,” said Carol Bennett, transportation coordinator at the Brunswick City Schools of Ohio. “It has been especially helpful this past year and a half with a new transportation assistant who was new to Edulog. The support staff has always been eager to help and has done so in a very timely manner.”

Advice That Surpasses Expectations

Providing guidance and leading processes are a big facet of Edulog’s business, whether it’s implementing a routing and scheduling system or conducting a consulting project. Edulog’s in-the-field experience is a major asset that benefits all of our clients and leads to success.

“I think Edulog exceeded our expectations, in terms of the support they brought to the initiative,” said Bernard Rogers, director of student services for the Pascagoula School District of Mississippi, about a recent project. “More importantly, I don’t think we could have done it as cost-effectively as Edulog did.”

Whether it’s a consulting service or replacing a legacy software product, the experts at Edulog have the expertise to lead and help accomplish your goals.

“Edulog always meets my expectations, and I would definitely recommend the software to other school districts … I have never encountered anything that Edulog could not handle, and have absolutely no problems with the software,” said Pamela Youderian, transportation director of the Manassas City Public Schools of Virginia. “I have always been satisfied with Edulog, and the numerous benefits provided by the software.”

Overcoming Challenges Through Innovation

Just like the phrase “there is more than one way to peel a potato,” there are often multiple ways to remedy an issue or perform a task. And Edulog’s professionals don’t just fix the problem; they work through the issues while explaining to the user how to correct the problem.

“ One support person will give me a tip to help solve a problem and the next one will give me a completely different tip to the same solution. They don’t just solve the problem, it is more along the lines of an exchange of Edulog knowledge moment,” said Tom Geisler of the Superior School District in Wisconsin.

Edulog professionals do their research and the advice they give is tested and proven from past projects and experience. But before an EDULOG professional initiates a project, all of the specifics are vetted thoroughly with the client in an open and ongoing exchange of ideas.

“The professionals at Edulog are dedicated to helping us succeed everyday and they’re always there for us,” said Raymond Leftwich from the San Angelo Inde pendent School District of Texas. “For years we have had student address errors in our Edulog system. After working with the staffers at Edulog we finally received a clear report and there wasn’t one student address error – the first time in 16 years!”

Raymond continued: “I cannot express enough how much appreciation and thanks to all of you that worked so hard on this program and fixed it. A mere thank you note just does not suffice for how happy I am. You all have made my job so much easier and now I can work on all the other Edulog processes. Thanks Edulog!”

Edulog wants to see all of its clients succeed on every level, whether it’s improving a transportation operation or conducting a complicated boundary study

“Edulog is dedicated to our success and has a mastery of the system that you will agree is absolutely unbelievable,” said Charles Stone, transportation director for the Mansfield Independent School District, Texas. “We have reached the point that our systems are operating better than ever before, thanks mostly to Edulog’s dedication to meeting our needs. Their work ethic, demeanor, and success rate should be emulated by other software support staff.”

Additional Free Services That are Always Available

Edulog provides many free services to its clients – all with the goal of improving user skills and creating an ongoing open relationship. The services are listed below:

User groups: Edulog has expanded its offering of user groups, giving our clientele another way to learn tips, tricks, and techniques to further end-user abilities. The online and in-person forums give users an opportunity to network and share information. If a client has a unique state-based question, the user group forums are an excellent way to gain valuable and important information.

Regional conferences, seminars, and workshops: Edulog invites our clients to attend localized seminars, workshops, and conferences -all with the idea to make it easier and more convenient for our clients to receive additional training. With workshops in the Northeast, Southeast, Indiana, Montana, and our yearly conference in Nevada, there’s always a chance to further your skills and expertise.

Webinars: Edulog has two free training webinars every month for our clients to expand and grow. Additionally, Edulog features two product review webinars every month.

Monthly electronic newsletter: Edulog publishes a monthly e-newsletter, which is packed with tips, tricks, new software releases, free webinars, and conference dates, and much, much more. Edulog recently expanded its newsletter and the positive feedback has been tremendous.

Edulog news and announcements: Find out the latest news about Edulog and its clients on the Edulog website (

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