GPS Hardware Extended Delivery Timelines

GPS Hardware Extended Delivery Timelines

We all have felt the ripple effect from supply chain disruptions in the past couple of years, from baked goods, to new cars, and even toilet paper!  Here at Edulog, we are at the mercy of a complicated network of global supply chains, and despite our best efforts, we are still caught up in the erratic ebb and flow of goods that is now commonplace in today’s turbulent market. A simplified diagram of the supply chain pressures is shown below.

Photo describing how not enough energy means not enough supplies which means not enough containers or transportation or workers which means not enough products which means not enough stored products which then means not enough truckers, and finally results in shortages and higher prices
Figure 1 NFK EDITORS (2021, OCTOBER 20). World Struggles With Supply Chain Problems. Retrieved May 16th, 2022, from

We would like to extend our appreciation for your patience as we weather long wait times for many of our products.  Some of you placed orders in the fall of 2021 and had hopes as well as initial guidance of early 2022 delivery.  We have seen these deliveries fall behind, and we now expect that the completion of these deliveries will not be accomplished until at least July (hopefully not later!).

Please reach out if these delays are really putting you in a bind.  In some cases, we have been able to provide other products that, although they do not match your currently equipped hardware, can be a viable option for your needs.

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