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What if a new routing system didn’t mean installing expensive new hardware? Take the strain off your IT department by letting EDULOG’s Product Support hosted solutions give you ability to take advantage of a complete routing and scheduling solution without the overhead. EDULOG’s Product Support services division can even act as a virtual school bus routing employee for your district so you can focus on the big picture.

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Fully Hosted
Automatic Updates
Automated Backup
IT System Support
Easy Student
Student Assignment
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Unlimited Online
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Virtual Employee


Why use EDULOG Hosted Services?

    • Convenience. EDULOG hosted solutions let you focus on school bus routing. EDULOG takes care of all your hardware and software upgrades automatically.
    • Training. Become an expert with your routing and planning solution by taking advantage of unlimited online training opportunities.
    • Peace of mind. You never need to worry about losing your data to sudden power outages or failing hardware. EDULOG automatically keeps your data backed up for you.
    • Expert help. Get a fully-trained virtual routing employee for your school district to help your transportation department be more efficient.

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Routing and Planning Solution

Product Support Hosted Solutions are part of EDULOG’s complete Routing and Planning software solution. Find out why districts across the U.S. and Canada use EDULOG school bus routing software.



When you take advantage of EDULOG’s Platinum Level service you get

  • A complete hosted solution
  • Unlimited Online Training
  • Unlimited Map Maintenance
  • Silver level services
  • Gold level services

Plus, your virtual employee works for you to

  • Create and relocate stops
  • Assign new stops to runs, or move stops from one run to another
  • Reorder stops on runs
  • Enter headcount loads on stops
  • Input actual stop times
  • Create new runs
  • Assign runs to routes
  • Swap runs between routes
  • Set time at school for runs on routes


When you use EDULOG’s Gold Level service you get

  • A complete Hosted Solution
  • Silver Level Services

Plus, you get additional help:

  • Properly assigning individual students not normally eligible for transportation
  • Matching individual students using district information
  • Creating alternate pick-up and drop-off locations for students based on district information


When you use EDULOG’s Silver Level service you get

  • A complete Hosted Solution
  • A virtual employee that batch uploads students from a file provided by you from your student information database and then:
  • Matches student addresses to your map
  • Performs student eligibility calculations
  • Assigns eligible students to stops
  • Performs student rollovers.


When you sign up for EDULOG’s basic hosing package you get

  • All your server hardware and software hosted at EDULOG, available via your internet connection.
  • Automatic software upgrades as they become available.
  • Unlimited IT system support.
  • Regular data-backup and server support.
  • Automatic system support, including nightly maintenance on student uploads, address matching, eligibility checking, and more.
  • Weekly diagnostics and cleanup.
Learn more about how EDULOG can help your school district’s pupil transportation system find savings that help keep money in the classroom.