Make managing and maintaining your school bus fleet simple.
Edulog Transportation Solutions

What if modernizing your fleet maintenance system meant less spent on fixing buses and more spent on finding savings? When you use EDULOG’s FleetPro Fleet Maintenance software, you get access to the tools you need to track everything from parts and work orders to fuel costs and tires. Plus, FleetPro can help you keep track of vehicle status, personnel, and even help with preventative maintenance. Robust reporting features let you spend less time digging for important information.

Why FleetPro Fleet Maintenance Systems?

  • Stay Organized. Keep your transportation department and garage organized with FleetPro’s databases that keeps track of vehicles, work orders, parts, and more.
  • Cost Tracking. Make keeping track of training, certifications, and basic employee information easy.
  • Personnel Database. Get help finding out how changing bell-times, school boundaries, walk distances, and even policies will affect your transportation.
  • Preventative Maintenance. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to pupil transportation. Get reminders of when regular maintenance comes due.
  • Click here to download the brochure for EDULOG’s school bus fleet maintenance software.

Your Complete Pupil Transportation Solution


FleetPro is part of EDULOG’s Complete Pupil Transportation Solution. Want to know how routing and planning, GPS, Student Tracking, and EDULOG’s web solutions can help your district? Check out EDULOG’s complete pupil transportation solution.

Learn more about how EDULOG can help your school district’s pupil transportation system find savings that help keep money in the classroom.