District Policy and Contract Analysis

Get the information you need to make the right decisions about transportation policy changes.

What if a half-mile walk was the biggest obstacle to keeping a classroom? Predicting the effects of changes to your school district’s transportation policy can feel frustrating, whether it’s changing the distance a student has to walk to school or creating a shuttle system. EDULOG’s Consulting Services team can help you find the right data and make sense of it to better predict and prepare for changes to your transportation policy.

Why Education Logistics Policy Projecting Consulting?

  • Expertise. You need knowledge that’s backed by experience when it comes to making policy changes. EDULOG has helped districts in 49 states improve their pupil transportation.
  • Proven Results. Making policy changes is more than just guesswork. EDULOG provides solutions backed by real data from your school district.
  • Find Savings. See how many fewer students would need to be transported by changing walk distances a quarter-mile or if you could reduce routes with a shuttle system.
  • Support. Changing your school district’s transportation policies can be hard to do even when it can mean big savings. EDULOG can be there to help the whole way.
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