Demographic and Redistricting Consulting

Get data-driven help setting school attendance boundaries, redistricting, and more.

When you use EDULOG’s Consulting Services division, we provide you with expertise and data-driven guidance for some of your toughest decisions, such as adjusting school attendance boundaries, school closures, and other politically sensitive decisions. Our experts are there to support you and help you keep track of all the variables when you’re making district-changing decisions.

Why Education Logistics Demographic and Redistricting Consulting?

  • Expertise. You can be confident with EDULOG. We have over 35 years of experience helping school districts with our potent combination of software and expertise.
  • Beyond Transportation. Pupil Transportation is more than just moving buses. Our consultants provide data-driven guidance to help you set school boundaries, redistrict, and more.
  • Hard Decisions. Closing a school, opening a new one, or changing enrollment policies is never easy. Get the data you need to make the best decision for your district.
  • Tailored Solutions. You know your district’s history. EDULOG can use your school district’s historical data to help you predict future growth prepare for it.
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