Bell-Time Optimization

Find out how a tiered bell system could help you reduce routes and balance budgets.

What if it took less than an hour to help save critical school programs? When you use EDULOG’s expert consulting services division to help you evaluate and implement a tiered bell-time solution, you can find transportation savings that can be put back to work in the classroom. Let EDULOG help you find out if separating bell times to allow for more transportation flexibility makes sense for your district.

Why use EDULOG’s Bell Time Optimization Consulting?

  • Experience. EDULOG has worked with school districts in 49 states, and can help tailor a solution to your district’s specific requirements.
  • Real Numbers. Changing bell times isn’t a simple process, so EDULOG takes into account not just your routing information, but also district policies and the community to find real savings.
  • Data-backed. You need the optimal solution for your school district. EDULOG uses a combination of experience and software to find it.
  • Support. Even with solid savings, changing bell-times is tough. EDULOG can be there to every step of the way to help present and back up our data-driven solutions.
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