Consulting Services

What if finding more efficient transportation was the key to saving a teacher’s job? Your transportation budget is more than just a number, and EDULOG’s Consulting Services Division understands that staying on budget, or finding new ways to go under it, can make all the difference for your school district. Trust EDULOG to use our over 35 years of experience to look at all the variables, and provide you with solutions that are backed by real data.

Why Education Logistics Consulting Services?

  • Proven Expertise. You can rest easy in our analysis. EDULOG has over 35 years of experience working with districts in 45 U.S. states and 4 Canadian Provinces.
  • Data-backed Solutions. Your transportation system has plenty of variables. EDULOG Consulting has the software tools to make sure that you find savings based on real data, not guesses.
  • More than Routing. Get help finding out how changing bell-times, school boundaries, walk distances, and even policies will affect your transportation.
  • Virtual Employees. Take some stress off your team by letting EDULOG act as a virtual staffer all year round. EDULOG offers options that can fit any district.
  • Hosted Solutions. You don’t need to install new server hardware or hire new IT staff to use an EDULOG solution. Our hosting options keep your overhead down.
  • Full Support. Presenting policy changes, cuts, and other changes can be tough, even when they offer great savings. EDULOG will be right there with you from project start to project finish.
  • Click here to download the brochure for EDULOG’s pupil transportation consulting services.

Learn more about…

Transportation Optimization

What if finding the best route was the best way to save a teacher’s job? Let our experts find hidden efficiency and savings in your pupil transportation system.

Bell-Time Optimization

What if took less than an hour to save critical school programs? Find out how a tiered bell system can help your district reduce routes and balance budgets.

District Policy Projection

Predicting the effects of changes to your school district’s transportation policy can be frustrating. Get the information you need to make the right decisions.

Demographics and Redistricting

Make important decisions about school attendance boundaries, school closures, and other politically sensitive decisions based on real data and expertise.

Routing and Planning

EDULOG Routing and Planning

Learn why school districts of all sizes across North America rely on EDULOG’s school bus routing and planning software to help them keep buses on time and on budget. Check out EDULOG Routing and Planning products

Learn more about how EDULOG can help your school district’s pupil transportation system find savings that help keep money in the classroom.