Harrisburg School District, PA – EDULOG Support

Date: June 12, 2012

Ref: Edulog Download Process

Hello Ms. Spaulding,

As I read over your newsletter I thought is it possible for me to give a thank you in the next newsletter? This would be to thank Joe Gostnell for all the help he has given our district in stream lining our download process? He has spent many hours on the phone with my IT department and myself trying to set the download process to be automatic and reduce our time spent on this process. Joe has taken a process that can take an entire day to download to now take about 1 hour. In this time of downsizing in our District we needed to find a way to take on more tasks because of the reduction in staff, while still meeting the daily needs in the transportation department. Joe was able to help with that by stream lining our download process and reducing our time spent on the download.

Thank you,

Lisa Myers
Transportation Supervisor

Joyce Berkheimer
Transportation Assistant

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