Passenger Route Optimization

What if your routing and planning software required less work, not more? With Emirates Transport routing and planning, you can easily find the most efficient routes for passengers, automatically import information from your passenger database, optimize special needs routing, and get the training and support you need to bring your transportation department back on schedule and back on budget. With multiple interface options from an advanced feature set to an easy to use web interface, Emirates Transport SQL Routing and Planning solutions are the right fit for any size district.

Why Emirates Transport Passenger Route Optimization?

  • Automation. Your passenger information can be automatically and directly imported into your Emirates Transport routing and planning software. No need to double your workload.
  • Efficiency. Track your entire school transportation operation in one system. View your routes, runs, stops, and passengers all in one place.
  • Safety. Make sure your passengers stay safe by setting things like hazard zones to help you route around busy streets, predators, and other dangerous areas.
  • Optimization. Find the best possible routes and runs for your district based on where passengers are located. Know with confidence that you’ve found the best paths for your school buses.
  • Flexibility. Work the way you want to. Emirates Transport Routing and Planning software gives you the option to work from spreadsheets and forms, or on a map display.
  • Special Needs. Use modules designed to help you transport passengers with special needs. Emirates Transport’s school routing software checks requirements for ride times, specialized accommodations, and more to help find the most efficient routes available.
  • Customization. Get a system built for you. At Emirates Transport, we don’t believe in a one-size fits all solution: our routing and planning software is built to provide you with the tools you need.