Syracuse City Schools, NY – Routing and Planning

Thanks to Edulog for making our lives easier. We used to do our SBM 14 NYS report by hand. We would have to get the information from each driver and enter and calculate on the proper forms. Now we have Edulog do the work for us. The report is generated from the bus routes and we print out the report for SED.

We are a large City School district and our students are constantly moving. During the summer as well as during the school year families forget to let us know they moved. For the month of September we make 9,000-9,500 changes to bus routes through the Edulog system.

Our district has over 70 buses on the road for summer school. We are able to put information in a SIM file to look back at for last school year as well as the summer routes.

The support at Edulog helps us to get through what could be a difficult day. If they don’t have the answer they will get back to us quickly with a remedy to our situation.

Thanks to Edulog for making our lives easier!


Pat Bailey
Director of Transportation
Syracuse City School District
369 6th North Street
Syracuse N.Y. 13208