6 Ways an EDULOG GPS System Makes the Back-to-School Season Easier

The first two weeks can be pretty hectic, with a flurry of phone calls from people asking the same questions: “Where’s the bus? Did the bus driver miss my stop? Why is the bus late?” From parents to principals, the phone calls seem unending and can send an office into chaos.  Having an EDULOG GPS system can eliminate some of the chaos, reduce stress levels throughout the department, and position a district for success – from the first day of school and throughout the year.  Here’s how:

#1 Timeliness.  Real-time data tracks where buses are at all times and provides historical data to refine planning, helping districts improve routes and schedules and getting students to school on time.

#2 Efficiency.  Being able to monitor and update routes, and determine alternative routes if roads are closed, saves time and money.

#3 Communication.  Office staff are able to respond to parent phone calls more effectively by identifying the location of the bus, evaluating the scheduled vs. actual arrival times, and determining what is happening without even leaving their desks.

#4 Responsiveness. Districts are able to respond quickly and efficiently to emergency situations such as mechanical difficulties and breakdowns by identifying buses in the area that could assist.

#5 Problem Solving.  Being able to identify problems such as buses not on time and missed stops helps districts solve problems before they become catastrophic.

#6 Safety.  Knowing the exact location of the bus gives parents peace of mind that their children are getting to and from school safely.

***School Start Up Tip***

With school just around the corner, districts might want do a dry run to simulate the first day of school.  Use GPS to assess route effectiveness, identify problems, and make corrections to ensure on-time performance on day one.  Make sure to do the simulation with the exact times and locations that will occur on the first day.  Resolve any issues before the first school bell rings.  Have a great first day!

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